Wednesday, 10 December 2014

So, boardgames and card games...

Here are some things that I've been playing lately...

And here are some of my latest purchases:
Cards Against Humanity (UK Edition) - I've wanted to play this with my friends for ages, finally caved and bought it!
Settlers of Catan - another game that was recommended by a friend - I thought I'd pick this one up as it seemed very cheap on eBay!

One of my few New Years Resolutions each year is "play more", whether that's with the figures and terrain I lovingly craft and paint, or the brilliant boardgames out there - I think I've really done that this year!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Zomb-Apoc - The Whisperers

I love the latest enemies in The Walking Dead comic - I had to make them in miniature form! The basic idea is that they're camouflaged as walkers - they wear masks of zombie flesh (laced up at the back, like a luchador mask!) and lurk amongst the zombie hordes. Not a lot is known about them at this point in the comics, but my guess is that they sort of direct the zombie herds that have been shown now and then, walking amongst them (and communicating in whispers, hence their name - the Whisperers) and utilising the supplies left in the wake of a herd attack on a survivor group. They've been shown to mainly use knives and machetes, but one was shown to have a sawn-off shotgun. I've stuck to knives, pistols and sawn-off shotguns with these - I've put together another 5 to join these, although I may take them up to 15...

The parts for these are Wargames Factory plastic male and female survivors, plus a couple of Studio Miniatures plastic zombies and bits. A couple of the heads are from MaxMini, whilst the rest have had putty masks added.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments over Zomtober - I'm really behind on my Feedly reading list, but once I'm caught up I'll be commenting on everything I've missed out on in October!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Final Post!

I've been meaning to do this for a while now - get all of my zomb-apoc stuff together for a nice big horde shot! I don't think the survivors have much chance against that...

Moving forward, I'll be adding a few more things...

  • Left 4 Dead-style "specials" - boomers, smokers, tanks, jockeys etc.
  • Female zombies - at the moment, the majority of my horde is male - I'd like to even this up a bit! I'm not keen on the plastic Wargames Factory ones though, so any suggestions here would be nice!
  • Survivors - there are a few more I'd like from Hasslefree, a bunch from Studio Miniatures (I've wanted the Wizard of Oz ones for ages now!) and I recently purchased a box of the male Wargames Factory survivors and split a box of the female ones with one of my wargaming mates.
I also need to really think about zomb-apoc terrain. I have a bunch of post-apoc stuff, but some more buildings, burnt out cars and some roads would go a long way to making games possible!

Comments are always amazingly useful! I always try to get around to responding to them as soon as possible!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Zomtober - Renovations

So, my zombie horde is coming along nicely and I'm down to the last 10 or so figures remaining unpainted - sadly, the bases of my older painted zomb-apoc stuff didn't quite fit with my more modern stuff. As such, I decided to dig them all out and rebase them!
Some of them needed new bases altogether - generally metal zeds and some survivors - I've really started to dislike slotta bases lately, so the Warhammer 40000 bases with no slot are the way forward! I weight them with coins to add a bit more heft too!
I got the previous basing materials removed from these and then my current mix of gravel then sand added.
Undercoated black, base paged scorched brown...
Drybrushed tan and light stone grey...

Ta daaaa! Flock added, excess flock brushed off with a toothbrush, base washed with a muddy/crap mix and the base sides painted black! Huzzah! All that's required now is some gore on a few figures here and there! I may get around to taking a full shot of my horde later today!