Monday, 31 August 2015

ZombApoc - Whisperers - Group Shot

Finally, the Whisperer gang all together! I'm extremely happy with how these have ended up - simple kitbashing and a bit of pushing around some putty and they were ready for paint! I'm not quite sure how these will work in-game - I'm thinking of some mechanism that allows them to be "invisible" to zombies, unless they use a firearm. On all of these I've tried to stick with (in some cases, very vicious) melee weapons, with at least a pistol in a holster to back them up. A few have shotguns (sawn-offs for concealment), a couple have machine pistols and the rest have various other pistols. They will be very much a stealth-based gang. I can't wait to use these in a campaign!

Next up for my zomb-apoc collection are some "normal" survivors - I actually built them last year, but they weren't as interesting to paint as these guys! They'll be more generic survivors - at the moment, the other non-Whisperer survivors are more like special characters than generic Rick Grimes and co. "normal" survivors.

Thanks for reading - I hope you've enjoyed the Whisperers!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

ZombApoc - Whisperers pt.3

The final group of The Walking Dead-inspired Whisperers.
Once again, these are generally made from the Wargames Factory plastic male and female survivors, with a couple of bodies, arms and heads donated from the Studio Miniatures plastic zombie set and finally, the only metal miniature in the gang - the gentleman on the right was previously a zombified not-Shaun of the Dead, but I ended up with two of them and had converted one into a generic zombie. When I came to build this gang I raided the last of the already-assembled (but yet to be painted) zombies and he was one of them. A quick head and arm swap and he became a perfect Whisperer. 
Again, another image from the comic - here's two Whisperers monitoring some of the more civilised survivors - the smaller lettering in the speech bubbles is to represent the whispering. It's such an effective horror-theme! Leatherface meets The Walking Dead!

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Saturday, 29 August 2015

ZombApoc - Whisperers pt.2

The continuation of the The Walking Dead Whisperers gang - another five - these were actually completed a good few months back and are part of my crusade to get my posts up to date!
I wanted the gang of survivors to be a good mix of male and female - once again, I stuck with pistols and blades. The figures are a mix of the Wargames Factory Male and Female Survivors, with a mix of parts from the Studio Miniatures plastic zombies - these were particularly handy for arms showing them miming the movement-style of the walkers in order to help them blend in with the hordes they're travelling in. 
At the top of the page and the image above show the Whisperers in the comic - their clothing seems fairly non-descript - all the better to blend in with the hordes. You can also see the organised survivors from Rick's communities too - I must figure out a way to make some of those! They also utilise horses for travel.

Many thanks for reading - I hope you enjoyed the post and return for the next installment!

Friday, 28 August 2015

ZombApoc - The Reverend

Just a quick post today - here is the Reverend Charles, somewhat based on the priest in The Walking Dead comic and TV show. The bits were there in the Wargames Factory Male Survivors set (the arm with the bible was key) and I figured he'd make a decent character in a scenario - rescue the swarmed preacher haranguing the zombie horde from the roof of an abandoned car... 
As mentioned, the pieces are mainly from the WGF Male Survivors set, with an arm from the Studio Miniatures plastic zombies. 

Thanks for reading - have a great day!