Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fantasy Skirmish - The Hierophant

Another recently finished figure, although, it was only a little bit here and there that needed completing - this character is the Hierophant of the metal GW flagellants I finished a while back. I realised that I needed a leader for them and discovered this wizard from the Reaper Bones range, which with a bit of converting would be perfect! His robes, the chains and the wild beard fit brilliantly alongside the other figures. He's also a bit bigger (see below) and there's also the cost to take into account - I bloody love the Bones range!
The original figure came with a bone-encrusted scythe, which looked a bit too evil. I replaced the head of the scythe with a mace taken from the GW plastic flagellants. I also trimmed the edges of the scroll he is holding up, as it was also in the shape of a bone. The hooded cape is another way that he's differentiated from the rest of his supplicants.
Here he is alongside one of his wild-eyed followers - I used a larger base for him in order to better encompass the robes.

Comments are most welcome as usual! Hopefully it won't be long until these gents are purging a graveyard or accursed temple!

Games Mat and completed Terrain

Huzzah! Terrain collection and games mat for historical gaming and perhaps more traditional fantasy all put together! I'm deliriously happy with this - everything here is brand new for January. The canvas gaming mat follows a great guide at Tobi's Paint Pot.


Things left to add:

- buildings - a number of Dark Ages houses and a pig sty to begin with - my plan eventually is to have enough buildings to play Song of Shadows and Dust but set in a Dark Age town

- more trees! I have another 5 bases of trees to complete at some point

- hills - I have the bases and foam, just awaiting the bark chips

- fences and walls

Phew! I also have around 25 Dark Ages villagers plus livestock assembled and undercoated to populate the settlement I plan to build and I want to put together some carts for the Vikings or Wildlings to ambush! Many plans!

Here is my current SAGA Viking force making a shield wall on the new games mat and terrain.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wildling Raiders

Another of my projects started a while back, using figures I already have - Game of Thrones battles between Wildling Raiders and Rangers of the Nights Watch. Here are the completed raiders, using some of Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings Morannon Orcs and a few bowmen from the Mordor Orcs, converted here and there where weapons or heads were a bit too Orcish with extras from the Gripping Beast Vikings and Dark Age Warriors
The Wildlings were painted as though they were wearing leather armour or various skins, with very limited metal (it being precious north of the wall). A few have captured axes or spears, the rest have Free Folk-wrought weaponry.
Opposing these raiders will be a band of Rangers from the Nights Watch, which are slightly converted Rangers of Gondor, picked up very cheap from eBay a while back.

Comments most welcome as usual!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dark Ages - Viking Warriors with Spears

Another 1pt for my SAGA Viking force - this time with spears. I'll probably mix the hand weapons and spears in game, but I'm painting them separately as I find it easier to batch paint them this way! Another warrior unit coming up, then I can treat myself to painting the brilliant bearskin-clad berserkers from Foundry! I'll also be using these with Song of Arthur and Merlin and Dux Britanniarum.